A fishing paradise

Between the Charente, the Seugne and bodies of water.

Charente River

The Charente forms the backbone of our department. It is public river property classified as category 2 for fishing and provides a fantastic playground for anglers! The river runs through the town of Saintes and villages of character which all have excellent fishing holes, including Dompierre-sur-Charente, Chaniers and Bussac-sur-Charente on the right bank and Brives-sur-Charente, Rouffiac, St-Sever-de-Saintonge and Les Gonds on the left bank.

The river is easily accessible thanks to the many roadways running alongside its banks and its nine slipways including the one at Courbiac in Saintes, close to the municipal campground. There are also two structures of note in Chaniers: La Baine Dam and Lock.

Its varied fish population is suitable for most fishing techniques

•   Still fishing for white fish
Bleak, bitterling, roach, rudd, bream, silver bream, tench, chub and crucian carp.

•   Night carp fishing along nine dedicated fishing trails
The average catch 9 to 12 kg although the bigger fish weighing 15 to 25 kg are not uncommon.

•   Fishing for predatory fish
Catfish, pike, pikeperch, perch and black bass, which is particularly common at La Baine in Chaniers and along La Palu Prairie Canal in Saintes.

•   Fishing for twaite shad, locally known as “la Gâte”
From late April to late May, this migratory fish from the sardine and herring family swims upriver in tight ranks to reproduce. Twaite shad fishing is a real tradition here, if not a veritable institution, particularly on the docks of Saintes.

•   Street fishing in Saintes
Many mullets can be caught along the town’s docks.

•   Fishing as a family in the summertime
At La Palu Prairie in Saintes, in the village of Chaniers, in Dompierre-sur-Charente or at the Rouffiac leisure centre.


Seugne River

A tributary of the Charente, classified as category 2 for fishing in the private domain, the Seugne is a haven for pike and perch. This gorgeous river is ideal for adventurous fishers who are attracted to the idea of hunting down fantastic wild fish, far away from any roads, noises and crowds.

The winding Seugne flows through a marshy wetland area. Its waters are crystal clear and rich in aquatic plant habitats, and its course runs through a series of pools and crests. Close to the confluence with the Charente, downstream from the village of Colombiers, the river splits in two. The main arm flows into the bigger river at Port-Chauveau, in Courcoury. The second arm is further subdivided into four smaller arms that eventually join up with the Charente a few kilometres further downstream, in Les Gonds. Known as the Seugne Marsh, this 2,000 hectare area is a Natura 2000 site.


La Palu Prairie Canal

A diversion of the Charente River, La Palu Prairie Canal is public river property classified as category 2 for fishing and a Natura 2000 site. In a natural space spanning 122 hectares of water meadows, the canal feeds into La Palu Pond, a shallow ornamental pond, and then resumes its route at the other end of the body of water.

The canal begins at Saint-Sorlin, southeast of Saintes, and joins the Charente’s main riverbed at the entrance to the town centre, close to the public gardens, Place Bassompierre and the Arch of Germanicus.

A pleasant fishing trail

Most fishing techniques can be employed here, particularly still fishing for white fish and fishing for predatory fish like black bass, pike and perch.

Fleuve Charente

Bussac-sur-Charente Pond and Le Clône Flanquet Pond in Préguillac

These two sites are labelled “Discovery Trails” are the perfect places to learn to fish. Teeming with fish, they are suitable for family fishing excursions and picnics in an enjoyable, restful setting. They feature a multitude of amenities like picnic areas, drinking water supply points, toilets, accessible fishing pontoons, shelters and car parks.

  • The fishing pond in Bussac-sur-Charente, a 5 minute drive from Saintes, is primarily populated with roach. It is also home to carp and tench.
  • Le Clône Flanquet Pond, 10 minutes away from Saintes, is mainly populated with carp, plus some roach and black bass.



Fishing is a leisure activity with specific rules: a fishing season, sizes by species, catch and release, fishing gear, etc.  Anyone fishing must necessarily have a permit in their name to fish in our department’s waterways and bodies of water. Available for a year, a week or a day, with separate permits for adults (18 and over), teens and under 12s, this precious document can be purchased online or from a reseller.

Find all the information you need about fishing permits and current regulations on the website of the Charente-Maritime Fishing Federation.