Between land and water…

Go back through the centuries and through history and discover the ancestral know-how of Saintonge!

Des aqueducs et des fontaines gallo-romaines

They are the curiosity of Fontcouverte and Vénérand, a few kms from Saintes.
A 17 km long aqueduct passing through Le Douhet and Fontcouverte supplied Saintes and supplied up to 12,000 m3 per day.

Aqueduc Gallo-Romain

A renovation project for the aqueduct house is in progress (2021-2022). These sites are therefore not freely passable.

La Chapelle des Pots with Terra Aventura

Visit La Chapelle des Pots playing with Terra Aventura.
La Chapelle-des-Pots is a village where potters have been working for more than eight centuries. Numerous woods, streams and pockets of clay allowed the creation of ceramics.

And also…

The romanesque church of Saint-Martial au Douhet.
Like a lookout, the spire of the Saint-Martial church marks the town of the village of Le Douhet. The square bell tower, certainly rebuilt in the 15th century, has a small bell tower at each of its angles. Admire this late Romanesque building, mid-12th century and its beautiful decor pages.

Eglise Le douhet charente maritime



Source de la grand font

La Grand Font - Fontaine Romaine Souterraine, Le Douhet, France

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Terra Aventura à la Chapelle des Pots

La Chapelle-des-Pots, France

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Eglise romane Saint-Martial

Église Saint-Martial du Douhet, Route de la Mairie, Le Douhet, France

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