From farm to table

Eat locally and responsibly, even on holiday

At home, we have changed our habits, emphasizing short supply chains and seasonal products farmed sustainably or organically. Eat locally and responsibly, even on holiday!

Welcome to the farms of Saintonge!

Our farmers and producers invite you to discover their farms and their savoir-faire. They are market gardeners, poultry, cattle and sheep farmers, beekeepers, fruit, milk and oil producers, horticulturists, winemakers, cereal growers, winegrowers and more. Come and meet them with ease and convenience!

producteurs fermiers saintonge romane

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Discover the guide to local farmers and producers so you can plan out your flavour route.

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Commitment to a quality charter for farmers and producers

Our producers and farmers are active agriculturists who produce, process and sell their products. Farm goods are processed agricultural products. 100% of the main ingredients come from the producer’s farm. They are guaranteed to be GMO-free.

La Ferme Santone, a farm shop in Saintes

Farmers and producers run the shop, where they sell their local products directly to consumers. These short supply chains are bolstering small-scale sustainable farming.

La Ferme Santone - producteurs

They give local residents the opportunity to meet the farmers, learn about their production methods and buy quality seasonal products for prices that are fair to all parties. All year round, you can find cuts of meat, charcuterie, poultry, vegetables, cheese and other dairy products, local wines and spirits, sundry groceries, ice cream and more.

Local markets

Stock up on fresh local products while enjoying the friendly, authentic atmosphere of the markets of Saintes and the villages of Saintonge.

Marché St Pierre- Saintes


La Ferme Santone

La Ferme Santone, Rue de la Côte de Beauté, Saintes, France

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