Meet our pineau and cognac producers

Pineau des Charentes and cognac, a dynamic duo made in Saintonge

At the crossroads between land and sea, pineau des Charentes is much more than the legend that tells us it was the fruit of a happy accident… But its creation was no accident, born of the expertise of winemakers who, each time harvest rolls around, select grapes from the appellation area, either white varieties (ugni blanc, colombard, montils, sémillon, merlot blanc, etc.) or red (merlot noir, cabernet, etc.), and then cognac eau de vie, to create their pineau des Charentes.

Cognac is made from a blend of eaux de vie. The main varietals used are ugni blanc and folle blanche. First the eaux de vie are double distilled (double heated). Next, the cellarmaster creates a blend of eaux de vie of different ages and origins. The cognac then matures in oak barrels in the cellar.

Wonderful encounters

Many winemakers craft their own cognac and pineau. They are happy to open their properties up to you. A friendly and tasty idea for an encounter.
degustation visite producteur cognac pineau

Along the region’s roads and paths, producers of pineau des Charentes offer shared experiences, with vineyard tours, tastings, cocktail workshops, manual harvests and more on the menu.

Cognac Ecomuseum

This interpretation centre looks at the world of cognac professions. It presents the history and heritage of the Tesseron family, from its creation in 1850 through the winemaker’s museum and the distiller. Six rooms have been reconstructed to immerse you in the lives and work of our ancestors in the 19th century.

Ecomusée du Cognac

It is located in Migron, in the heart of the wine region, 23 kilometres from Saintes.

Balade dans le vignoble

Visit the last cognac house in Saintes

An independent family firm, Maison Grosperrin is devoted to the selection and maturation of rare, ancient and vintage cognacs.
maison de Cognac Grosperrin

An authentic, flavourful encounter during your tour of historic cellars. Guided tours available by reservation.

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