The 1,001 lives of stone

Les Lapidiales, La Pierre de Crazannes and buildings

From the Neolithic Period to the third millennium, white stone has been part of Saintonge’s cultural and economic heritage. And it still occupies a special place in our landscape today…

Carrières de Crazannes


A site in operation since the 1st century AD… Crazannes stone quarries began to operate in the 1st century, at the hands of the Romans. Extracted to build roads and monuments like the Arch of Germanicus in Saintes, Crazannes stone was exported around the world.

The site was abandoned at the end of its operation in 1948. The stone gorges were gradually covered with lichen, ferns and vines, giving the place an exotic atmosphere, with a touch of the jungle. Wild animals like foxes, hares, deer and bats took over the site.


Immerse yourself in this labyrinth of history and nature! Led by a guide, you will travel along the safe 650 metre long trail, where you will discover that each gallery and each “nook and cranny” has its own astonishing story to tell. Activities and stone sculpting workshops are available from April to September. 


The quarries at Les Chabossières are the scene of intense activity. Here, artists come from every continent to sculpt limestone cliffs in the open air. Widely varying themes, cultures and imaginations intermingle around tangible reminders of our humanity. This collective work continues, forming a unique work of land art today. This gem always surprises and fascinates its visitors.


The Chemin de la Pierre is a waymarked trail extending over roughly 10 kilometres, running to the village of Crazannes along the Charente via the old towpath. As you walk, you will pass in front of the Châteaux de Panloy and de Crazannes. Stop by the museum at La Pierre de Crazannes before continuing on your way to Les Lapidiales.

Pierre de Crazannes


La Pierre de Crazannes

La Pierre de Crazannes, Crazannes, France

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